Dreams isn't just a PlayStation 4 game — it's a platform in which people are building their own games and experiences. There's a lot of user-made content that's absolutely worth your time to find and play, but it isn't always easy to know what to look for.

We've recommended dozens of creations ourselves (and continue to update our in-game Push Square Picks collection, by the way), but Media Molecule is going above and beyond to highlight the best of the best. Not only does it hold weekly livestreams showcasing community talent, it's just introduced The Impsider — a new, official publication all about things made in Dreams and the people behind them.

It's only just got started, so there isn't too much to see yet. However, it looks as though The Impsider will be split into three categories — Dreamview, making recommendations with short reviews of Dreams games; Meet the CoMmunity, where creators will be highlighted; and Impsider Access, which will provide insight on Media Molecule shenanigans.

It's just another way that the studio is picking out quality creations, which is definitely appreciated. For any Dreams aficionados, this will definitely be worth keeping up with. Will you be reading The Impsider? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source docs.indreams.me, via twitter.com]