Go on, then: who remembers Test Drive Unlimited? This was a unique racing franchise because it fused vehicular mayhem with social lifestyle elements. For example, in Test Drive Unlimited 2 on the PlayStation 3, you could visit a casino to play poker and even buy your own house to hang out in. It was all a bit PlayStation Home!

Now a new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown has been released, although it’s purely a pre-rendered cinematic for the PS5 and PS4 racer. Once again, there’s a heavy focus on casinos, so we’re expecting the same mixture of racing and lifestyle simulator as its predecessors – even if it is Nacon and newcomer KT Racing behind the wheel this time.

The video features both the Aston Martin DB11 and the Range Rover SVR, although there are keyfobs for various other brands, like Ferrari and Porsche. Interestingly, it looks like you may be able to bet on cars during poker matches, as one of the pivotal scenes in the trailer shows a keyfob tossed among some poker chips.

More information will be revealed in July, but we’re mildly interested in this, we must admit. We always liked Test Drive Unlimited conceptually, but it never came close to realising its potential on PS3. The added horsepower of PS5 and PS4 should help it to better achieve its ambitions, we think.

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