Streets of Rage 4 arrived almost a year ago on PlayStation 4, and it's a reboot that really brought the series back with style for beat-'em-up fans. Slick gameplay and wonderful presentation makes it a fun time playing solo or in co-op, and it introduces some great new faces to the franchise. Estel, a boss character part way through the game, has been highly requested to become a playable character, and today, publisher Dotemu has not only confirmed she's on the way, but that a whole lot more is coming too.

Mr. X Nightmare is the name of a premium DLC pack coming to SOR4, and it looks like a seriously beefy expansion. It introduces three more playable fighters, one of which is the aforementioned Estel, who you can see in action in the above trailer. As well as characters, the DLC will bring a new Survival mode, which challenges players to "elevate and prove their true capabilities through special tests of skill". There aren't many details on the new mode just yet.

It doesn't stop there; Tee Lopes, game composer who's perhaps best known for his work on Sonic Mania, has produced brand new music, which will be bundled into the DLC. Finally, a new customisation feature will allow you to make fighters your own by adjusting their movesets.

As well as the paid DLC, a free update is coming to the game for all players. This will introduce Mania+ difficulty, as well as a more in-depth training mode.

So, lots to look forward to for SOR4 fans. There's no release date for Mr. X Nightmare, but Dotemu says it's coming "later this year". Are you excited? Have you been waiting to play as Estel? Grand upper in the comments section below.