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We’ve been anticipating the announcement of a new Uncharted for quite some time. Many had assumed that Sony’s secret San Diego studio – which was never officially announced – was working on a continuation of the buccaneering Naughty Dog series; according to a report on Bloomberg, it was actually remaking 2013’s PlayStation 3 mega-hit The Last of Us.

Sony Bend, instead, was working on a new Uncharted for a little while. According to journalist Jason Schreier, once plans for Days Gone 2 were crushed, the developer was divided into two teams: one was assigned to The Last of Us’ multiplayer game which was officially acknowledged by Naughty Dog over a year ago, the other started work on a new Uncharted.

Clarifying his article on Twitter, Schreier explained that the project primarily existed “on paper”, and after the studio expressed concerns that it could eventually be absorbed by Naughty Dog – who was overseeing the new Uncharted game – it was granted the freedom to make something new. This, according to the journalist, occurred as recently as last month.

Eurogamer.net adds – citing “one person familiar with plans” – that Sony Bend’s Uncharted was intended to be a “reboot for the franchise, with one idea being for a prequel”. It was apparently going to be “a new chapter in the series separated somewhat from Naughty Dog's previous games”.

The future of Uncharted, then, remains a little hazy. It sounds, to us, like there isn’t a new game currently in development – and if there still is, it’s in the very early stages. It’d be strange if Sony were to remake The Last of Us in order to align it with the television show, but not have anything in store for the upcoming Uncharted movie. But that, apparently, is where we’re at.

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