Here's a trailer that'll wake you up on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. The above video is the announcement trailer for Sinfeld Remastered, a PlayStation 5 title based on a game made in Dreams. There's quite a bit to unpack here.

So, last year, development team RareBird Games released Sinfeld Chronicles in Media Molecule's PS4 create-'em-up. It's a bizarre parody of Seinfeld in which you control Donathan, left home alone by his Uncle Jerry and dealing with some nightmarish scenarios in a trippy, ridiculous adventure. Well, the team has been working on turning this Dreams experience into a full game, and it's doing so with Sinfeld Remastered.

The PS5 game is being built in Unreal Engine 4, and it looks truly horrifying in the above trailer. We don't even know where to begin. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, this project will be coming to PS5, and we fear one of us will have to review it. There's no release date as yet, so we're safe for now.

What do you make of this? Have your say in the comments section below while we recover.