NieR Replicant Review Round Up 1

NieR Replicant hits PlayStation 4 tomorrow, bringing back the first game's original experience with a fresh coat of paint and new content. Following the success of 2017's NieR: Automata, the re-release is getting a lot more attention this time around as players find out what NieR was like before 2B and 9S. Reviews are now hitting the web, so it's time to find out if NieR Replicant is worth revisiting.

Unfortunately, we haven't yet been sent a PS4 review code. The Push Square review won't be with you for quite a while as a result since we, of course, want to digest and experience everything Yoko Taro has to offer. It sounds like we're in for quite the ride, however, with an impressive Metactitc rating of 83 already in place at the time of writing. Let's see what critics had to say then.

The Gamer - 5/5

When I wrapped up my experience with Nier Replicant, I realized it was the most satisfied I’d ever felt after working so hard for a particular ending. Yoko Taro asking me to relive the same experiences again and again wasn’t a repetitive journey, but a more meaningful reflection on a cycle of hate, pain, and trauma. Nier Replicant is Yoko Taro’s best work, brought up to modern standards, and finally delivered in the presentation its tale always deserved.

Twinfinite - 9/10

Playing through NieR Replicant felt like a fever dream at times, in the same way that NieR: Automata’s reveal at the very first E3 I’d attended felt like a fever dream. It’s a testament to how special NieR is for it to have endured solely in the hearts and minds of its most dedicated fans for a decade, only to explode into a phenomenon that has kept the video game community talking and debating over it long after the credits have rolled. The rough edges of the original release are still present in NieR Replicant, but it’s clear that this game and the series as a whole will no longer just be another faded memory.

VG247 - 8/10

It might not be perfect, but within this slightly flawed framework beats the heart of an absolute masterpiece. Those who fell in love with Nier through Automata should go into this with a clear expectation that this is not that game – but if they do, they’ll find much to love.

GameSpot - 8/10

Despite some significant gameplay enhancements, the lengths you have to go to see the story all the way through will be a test of your willpower. But for all its antiquated designs retained from the original version, it's worth the effort in the end. Thus, Nier Replicant is essential for anyone who has love for Automata, and it's a special experience on its own.

Digital Trends - 7/10

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… confirms that the original NieR was both way ahead of its time and far behind it. The story is tremendously captivating and it’s only gotten better with newly added content. On the other side of the coin, the repetitive gameplay feels outdated even by 2010 standards. Those who press through the 30-hour adventure will be rewarded with a bold narrative odyssey. It may even outdo NieR Automata in retrospect, but it’s hard to blame anyone who’d rather watch it all on YouTube instead of playing it for themselves.

VGC - 6/10

Nier Replicant is at once an improvement over the original while still retaining its dated design frustrations that’s not quite at the bar of modern remasters. Yet for all its flaws, the story, bolstered by its grand otherworldly score, has the same deep emotional depths that first won over new fans, and if nothing else, you won’t find a more mismatched bunch of outcasts worth caring about.

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