Slay the Spire is a personal favourite of this author, so news of a rogue-lite, deck-building adventure game is music to our ears. Rise of the Slime is just that ā€” an indie title about battling your way through the land using a selection of powerful cards.

As you can see in the above trailer, the game has a charming, stick puppet presentation that we can definitely get behind. It looks pretty simple ā€” playing as the titular slime, you battle all manner of baddies by accumulating cards of various types, and if you die, you start again. This being a rogue-lite, though, we presume you'll keep hold of some permanent progression.

We're definitely intrigued, so we'll be keeping an eye on Rise of the Slime when it launches later this year on PlayStation 5 and PS4. What do you think of this one? Play your cards right in the comments section below.