We know we've waxed lyrical about Media Molecule's Dreams about a billion times by now, but we're not the only ones. Blessing Adeoye Jr., host of The Blessing Show on Kinda Funny Games, is also a big fan of the Play-Create-Share title, and has talked it up plenty of times. However, he's outdone himself with the finale episode of his show, which you can watch above: it's been made in Dreams.

Blessing has been modelled and animated within the software (by Team Pig Detective, naturally), complete with automated lip-syncing to match his voice. The Dream-ified Blessing sits in a Dream-ified version of his room, and it's pretty darn excellent.

The video itself is a look at how Dreams and its user-made content has evolved since the early access days, as the host picks out a handful of particularly noteworthy creations. It's well worth the watch. Nice one, Blessing!

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