Ghost of Tsushima Gameshow Question

Here's a fun story for you: UK gameshow The Chase recently featured a trivia question on Japanese history. A contestant was asked: "The term 'kamikaze' or 'divine wind' comes from the typhoon that saved Japan from invasion in 1281 by which ruler?"

Three answers were presented: Tamburlaine, Ivan the Terrible, or Kublai Khan. A potentially tricky question if you don't know much about Japan. The contestant went with Kublai Khan.

Fortunately, the contestant was confident in his answer thanks to Ghost of Tsushima β€” the PlayStation 4 exclusive that takes place during the initial Mongol invasion of Japan. He tells host Bradley Walsh that he had "just played a game on PlayStation where the Mongols invade Japan", referencing Sucker Punch's open world epic. Very educational!

Here's a clip from the episode, courtesy of @Kazniaz on Twitter:

Lovely stuff, although we don't quite know how well the contestant fared overall. If you happen to be a big fan of The Chase, perhaps you can let us know in the comments section below.