PS4 Console

Here's a pretty incredible statistic for you: Sony has sold more PlayStation 4 games than any other console in history. At least 1.577 billion copies of PS4 titles have been sold to customers since it launched all the way back in late 2013 — a stat that beats the previous record (also held by Sony) of 1.537 billion PS2 games out in the wild. And while the record will only increase as time passes, it acts as a statement of just how good the PS4 generation was as we look ahead to what the PS5 brings. After all, it's already doing extremely well for itself with 7.8 million consoles sold since launch.

While this next stat does also include PS5 titles, it's estimated that 601,000 digital games were sold every single day on the PS Store across 2020's fiscal year. And with digital sales commanding a ratio of 65%, roughly 933,000 games have been sold each day when physical purchases are taken into account. Absurd statistics all around. Finally, it's worth noting that the PS4 console sold a further 5.8 million consoles, taking its grand total up to 115.9 million units. There's certainly life in the old dog yet, especially when so many upcoming titles are slated for PS4.