BioWare has released an official comparison video for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, placing scenes from the upcoming remaster alongside the original trilogy — and the difference is night and day in most cases. As previously stated by the developer, it's the first Mass Effect that's received the most noticeable overhaul, both in terms of gameplay and visuals. The latter is clear to see in this new trailer.

But there are still loads of improvements to look forward to across all three games. Character models, textures, and environments have been reworked. What's more, lighting effects have been significantly improved. You can read all about the numerous changes in BioWare's latest blogpost.

At the end of the day, only so much can be done when remastering PS3-era titles — but we think that Legendary Edition is looking like a very promising package. Are you excited to jump back into the Mass Effect trilogy? Don your N7 armour in the comments section below.