We’ve all gotten used to wearing facemasks these past few months, haven’t we? But in Maskmaker, a magical upcoming PlayStation VR experience, you’ll be using much fancier facades to conceal your visage. The game – developed by InnerSpace, the team behind the critically acclaimed A Fisherman’s Tale – sees you play as a maskmaker’s apprentice, but the twist is that each veneer you wear will take you to a different realm!

You’ll be crafting different masks using the materials that you collect, and you’ll be able to paint and design them to your taste. “Wear the mask, blend in with each biome’s culture, and inhabit the spirits, colourful characters each with a different role to play,” the official website explains. It sounds brilliant: there’s a clear emphasis here on creativity, escapism, and story – it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before really.

The game’s due on 20th April for PSVR and we’re eager to test it out. Take a look at the trailer and let us know if this kind of thing appeals to you.

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