Sorry, we couldn't resist the headline opportunity there. To be clear: King of Seas is a top-down action RPG set within a procedurally generated world of pirates.

You set sail on the open waters and explore the sea, collect treasure, trade with other ships, and of course, engage in battle. But it's not all aimless bobbing about; a story full of quests will give you objectives to aim for as you "fight to regain what has been taken away", meeting lots of "intriguing" characters. Interestingly, the game's world reacts to your actions. Naval routes change over time, and the difficulty keeps up with you as you conquer more settlements.

You'll also be pleased to know you can fully customise your ship. There are five types of vessel available that you can slowly make your own as you acquire equipment and skills. As for the combat, it looks to be somewhat strategic; there are over 20 skills to choose from and talent trees to fill in, so there's plenty to explore there.

King of Seas sets sail for PlayStation 4 on 25th May, and will set you back $24.99 / £24.99 / €24.99. Will you be living the pirate life on PS4 next month? Walk the gangplank to the comments section below.