Horizon Zero Dawn Free

Sony's Play At Home initiative returns today, and this latest update to the scheme just so happens to contain the biggest free PlayStation 4 game of the lot. Starting today through until 14th May 2021, you can claim and download Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free. The only thing you need is an active PSN account — PS Plus memberships or PS Now subscriptions are not required whatsoever. The PS4 title is yours to keep forever. To start downloading the game, UK and EU users should head through this link while US readers can use this one.

As a reminder, the Complete Edition contains the Horizon Zero Dawn base game complete with all patches and updates received since launch as well as the Frozen Wilds expansion. In our 2017 review of Horizon Zero Dawn, we described the game as "both unusual and excellent". Concluding with a 9/10 rating, we said:

Debuts don't get much stronger than Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games' latest borrows liberally from a variety of different sources, and yet it leverages these fundamentals to forge an experience that's daringly unique. The main quest tires a little towards the end, and the writing never hits the same highs as The Witcher 3 – but the tactical action stands leagues ahead of what we've come to expect from the genre, and the presentation is quite simply unmatched.

In the November of that same year, Guerrilla Games followed the original title up with the Frozen Wilds DLC. It's a great expansion that we awarded an 8/10 in the Push Square review, concluding:

Horizon: Zero Dawn delivers a timely reminder of why it should be a Game of the Year candidate with The Frozen Wilds. This sizeable selection of snowy quests expands upon an already excellent campaign with a decent new storyline and plenty of fresh exposition. While it is, by its very nature, more of the same, it’s hard to complain when the foundations are already so strong.

Again, you've got until 14th May 2021 to claim Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for free. Nine other PS4 games are also included in the Play At Home initiative right now, but you've only got a few more days to redeem them. For more information on All Free PS4 Games, Offers Included in Play At Home Initiative 2021, head on through the link.

Will you be checking out Aloy's inaugural adventure before Horizon Forbidden West (hopefully) arrives later this year on PS5 and PS4? Share your first impressions in the comments below.