Ghostrunner PS5 PlayStation 5

Ghostrunner kind of came and went, didn't it? The indie slash-'em-up was well received when it launched in the latter half of last year, but it sort of got lost among all the next-gen excitement. It was confirmed to be getting a PlayStation 5 version — complete with a free upgrade for owners of the PS4 game — so hopefully it gets a better time to shine on the new console.

So, when's this enhanced edition coming? Well, a new roadmap has been laid out for the title, and we finally have a release window. The PS5 version is coming in the Fall of 2021, so it's still several months out. However, the roadmap shows there's a lot being added to the game in the meantime.

Ghostrunner Roadmap

New modes and DLC are coming throughout the year, including a photo mode, Kill Run Mode — in which you must complete levels on a time limit — and premium cosmetic packs. By the time it reaches PS5, it'll be a bigger, better experience.

In related news, publisher 505 Games has acquired the Ghostrunner IP. Coughing up a cool €5 million, the company now has full ownership of the property, while All In! Games, which co-published the title, will continue to receive a share of profits.

Anyway, are you excited to play Ghostrunner on PS5? Dash into the comments section below.

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