Genshin Impact PS5

Surprise MMO hit Genshin Impact will be coming to PlayStation 5 via a native version on 28th April 2021, as confirmed on the PlayStation Blog. The upgraded port will feature a 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster load times. That is just about all this latest update on the PS5 version has to share besides more content for those already playing the game. Version 1.5 adds new events to participate in and more enemies to slaughter as well as the continuation of Noelle's hangout story. The update then introduces two new characters named Eula and Mondstadt.

Furthermore, the patch and PS5 version both bring with them a few tweaks under the hood. "The first three times you claim rewards in a week from Trounce Domains, it will only cost you 30 Original Resin. Also, you will now gain double the amount of Companionship EXP for gameplay completed in co-op mode." These changes are coupled with new seasonal challenges and bountiful rewards sourced from specific events.

The PlayStation Blog post doesn't seem to mention it, but Genshin Impact on PS5 will also include support for the DualSense controller's unique capabilities. Are you looking forward to trying the free-to-play MMO on Sony's latest system? Let us know in the comments below.