Genshin Impact PS5 Trophies

Not only does Genshin Impact look and run so much better with its new and improved PlayStation 5 version, but team Mihoyo has also given the native edition a Platinum Trophy. The all-important feature was missing on PS4, meaning Trophy hunters were simply stuck with a 100 per cent completion stat instead of that flashy gong on their profile.

The Trophy list is completely the same besides the addition of the Platinum Trophy, but the best detail is that the digital trinkets will auto-pop in accordance with the ones you already unlocked in the PS4 version. You've essentially got a free Platinum Trophy if you did it all on Sony's last-gen console as a result. Another small detail is that the overall list of Trophies has been streamlined into one consistent list — the likes of "DLC Trophy Pack 2" have been ditched for now. Genshin Impact is such a big game at the moment though that we're sure more Trophies will be added to the PS5 version in the future so it's sure to come back.

Have you unlocked the Genshin Impact PS5 Platinum Trophy or are you working on it right now? Let us know in the comments below.