Hitman 3’s season of greed is well underway, with the first arc of the 7 Deadly Sins expansion saga available right now. IO Interactive is following up the event with the first of the threequel’s Elusive Targets: the Collector is coming to Dartmoor on 9th April, and you’ll have until 19th April to take him down. Then, from 23rd April through 3rd May, the Politician is coming to Hawke’s Bay. You know what to do, 47.

This is all in addition to the ongoing Easter egg hunt taking place in Berlin, which ends on 12th April. Meanwhile, featured contracts from YouTube duo Two Angry Gamers (?) and Achievement Hunter will be added over the coming week, alongside a new Escalation in Chongqing named the Jinzhen Incident. Are you still playing Hitman 3, and what do you think of this content schedule? Be discreet in the comments section below.

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