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Dreams is only getting bigger, better, and more feature-rich over time, and today it expands just a little bit more. The latest patch for Media Molecule's creation suite is available to download now, taking the game to version 2.22. The headline addition this time is a fancy new audio import feature.

Once you've installed this update, you'll be able to head over to indreams.me, the official companion site for Dreams, and record your own original content, which will then be beamed into the game itself. As well as simply hitting record, you can also use the importer to trim and fade recordings, assign notes to them, and otherwise tidy up your audio before it's sent to Dreams. There are a fair few conditions for its use, though; obviously you'll need to be signed into the game and the website in order to use the tool, but there's more to it than that.

The audio importer is unlocked to anybody who is level 30 or above, and the amount of audio content you can upload each day is limited depending on your level. Presumably this is to help prevent people from, say, recording the audio from an entire movie and just putting it in Dreams. You can read more about these limits through here. Obviously, there are rules against importing audio that doesn't belong to you, or that's inappropriate. For the game's dedicated creators, though, this will be a fantastic new tool to play with.

Update 2.22 also makes a few other changes and fixes. QR codes will now appear on in-game messages where appropriate, taking you to relevant pages outside the game, which is pretty cool. If you go to play a dream and there's a more up-to-date version, the game will now prompt you and ask if you'd like to play that instead. Finally, there are one or two bugs squashed too.

We're definitely interested to see what creators do with the new audio import tool. Are you looking forward to taking it for a spin? Record your thoughts in the comments section below.

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