Disco Elysium The Final Cut Patch 1.2

Update: Typical. Bloody typical. You write an article about a patch that's been missing for an entire week, and the sodding thing appears almost as soon as you hit 'publish'. Unreal timing, but at least update 1.2 is finally here. It's available to download right now on PS5.

Meanwhile, we assume that the PS4 patch is imminent.

Original Story: Disco Elysium: The Final Cut made its way to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 just over a week ago. We're currently playing it for review, and we think it's a truly fascinating title — but there's no denying how buggy it can be. Indeed, we've hit a point where a particularly nasty bug is preventing us from following a specific storyline — a bug that should be fixed with the game's next update, patch 1.2.

However, that update's been missing in action for a full week now. Developer ZA/UM recently said that the patch was expected to arrive yesterday (that's the 6th April), but it never did. As such, disgruntled players have essentially been left in limbo — ourselves included.

We're hoping that the aforementioned update will just suddenly appear any minute now, but it's still a sorry situation. Again, Disco Elysium is clearly something special — but the bugs have really soured our experience so far. We will, of course, update this article should the patch drop in the near future.

Have you had any problems with Disco Elysium on PS5 or PS4? Are you waiting on this patch?