Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Destruction AllStars continues to chug along since leaving PS Plus earlier in the month, and developer Lucid Games is lining up some pretty major updates in the near future. This all starts with single player Photo Mode, which will enable you to capture the most chaotic moments from the game. According to a Reddit blog post, this is in the “polishing” phase right now.

As previously announced, the release’s first AllStar Pass will roll out soon, featuring new cosmetics and content. As with most Battle Passes, there’ll be a free tier and a premium tier – the latter of which you’ll be able to purchase with Destruction Points. In addition, a new AllStar will be officially announced in the next week or so.

This is all in preparation for the addition of Blitz, which is a new mode that the developer hopes will become the title’s competitive standard moving forwards. “On the release of Blitz the ranking system will not be active; instead we want to let everyone get more accustomed to Blitz, get your feedback and look into any possible changes to update the game mode,” the blog post reads. “There will be exclusive rewards available to players who play Blitz during Season One.”

Blitz will be added a little later into the lifecycle of Season One, but it’s nice to have a rough roadmap for what’s being added to the destroy-‘em-up. Are you still playing this game, or did you bounce a few weeks back? Crash in the comments section below.