Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

So, what's next for Destruction AllStars? The game has gotten off to a slightly wobbly start, with reception being lukewarm and a lack of meaningful content meaning players aren't necessarily sticking around. Of course, developer Lucid Games is doing everything it can to turn the ship around, and it sounds like it has big plans as the year goes on.

In a new PS Blog post, Lucid's George Rule explains what's on the roadmap for the game's future. Most exciting is that the studio will be bringing seasonal content to the game on a regular basis. Seasons will last a few months each, and aim to "permanently enhance" the experience and "leave long-lasting additions". For Season One, that means a competitive game mode called Blitz, a battle pass with a free and premium tier, and a brand new playable character. More details on all of these will be coming soon.

It looks like Season One will kick off in April and last through to July, and Seasons Two and Three will carry the game to December. It's encouraging that Lucid has a clear plan for the game, and that it's been so responsive to feedback thus far. We'll definitely check out any new content as it arrives.

In other news, a Digital Deluxe edition of the game will be hitting PlayStation Store on 6th April, when it's due to be removed from PS Plus. This special edition includes access to eight of the premium Challenge Series, 1100 Destruction Points, and a batch of in-game goodies.

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