We've not thought about Dead Cells for a while, but it's a corker of a game, isn't it? A really satisfying rogue-lite with cool weapons and items, and meaningful progression. Another rogue-lite that's worth your time is Curse of the Dead Gods, a brutal but engaging dungeon crawler which released recently on PlayStation 4. Why bring both of them up together like this? It's time for a crossover, that's why!

Yes, an incoming update to the latter game will introduce various elements from Dead Cells. This update, named Curse of the Dead Cells, brings over a trio of new weapons, the Cursed Chest, and the Prisoner's head skin. What's most interesting about all this is that these new additions have been altered to fit into the world of Curse of the Dead Gods. The Broadsword, the Cursed Sword, and the Explosive Crossbow have new names and have adjusted visuals to match the look of the game. Meanwhile, the Cursed Chest functions a little differently to better fit Dead Gods; instead of cursing you for a limited time, the chest will only remain if you kill a certain number of enemies without getting hit.

Fans can look forward to this free content update next week on 14th April. Will you be trying out these Dead Cells items in Curse of the Dead Gods? Start a new run in the comments section below.

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