Yeah, Control is a pretty good game on modern consoles, but what about if we got to experience it a few decades back on PlayStation 1 instead? Principle gameplay designer Tommi Saalasti at Remedy has made it a reality with a demake that takes the Federal Bureau of Control and protagonist Jesse Faden back to the 1990s. 51 seconds of purposefully dated footage shares what the title would look like if it had released alongside Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII.

We see Jesse taking down bad guys with the eccentric weapons of Control as well as floating through the air and dashing about the place, all to the tune of a ripping song from artist XTaKeRuX. You could claim this is an April Fools gag, but to be honest, the clip looks pretty cool anyway. Would you have played this version of Control on PS1? Share your thoughts in the comments below.