Clap Hanz, the long-time developers of Everybody’s Golf, may not make another sports game for PlayStation platforms. The Japanese developer has, historically, collaborated with Japan Studio – but Sony shuttered the division at the end of last month, and absorbed its external development arm within its global PlayStation Studios hierarchy. A new game on PlayStation 5 isn’t impossible, but seems unlikely right now.

Nevertheless, a fresh title from the Tokyo-based team has released on Apple Arcade, and while it’s not strictly PlayStation news – well, we figured a fair few of you would be eager to learn about it. Clap Hanz Golf, available now as part of the Apple Arcade subscription, should be instantly familiar to fans of the franchise. The main twist here is that you can change your character on each hole, so you’re basically forming a team. There is a more traditional option available as well.

It looks good – it’s basically Everybody’s Golf, isn’t it? A shame we’ll probably never see a true successor come out of Sony again, but that’s par for PlayStation these days, isn’t it? Pun very much intended!

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