Ever thought of trying to make it big on YouTube? Here's the thing: you don't need expensive microphones, cameras, and lights — you just need a copy of Youtubers Life 2. From the safety of this upcoming sequel to the popular content creator sim, you can discover if you have what it takes to blow up online.

The original game had its flaws, but was pretty addictive, and garnered a surprisingly sizeable audience; it's sold 1.4 million copies to date. The sequel is due to release on PlayStation consoles in 2021, though it's not specified if it'll be on PS5, PS4, or both.

So, what's the follow-up bringing to the table? Youtubers Life 2 will build on the original with lots more content creation options, allowing you to make review, gameplay, and speedrun videos, as well as unboxings and interviews. A new Trends mechanic will see popular topics fluctuate on a day-by-day basis, and subscriber and video stats give you a better look at your metrics. The sequel will also introduce more customisation options for your character and their home and setup. Finally, relationships with NPCs will be deeper, and introduce new questlines.

Apparently there's much more to be shared in the coming months, so if you're keen for the sequel, publisher Raiser Games has more information on the way. Are you excited for Youtubers Life 2? Did you play much of the first game? Like and subscribe in the comments section below.