At long last, the multiplayer phenomenon that is Among Us is coming to PlayStation. InnerSloth's super popular game of cooperation and sabotage will be released for both PS5 and PS4 later this year.

If you're unaware, Among Us exploded in popularity when Twitch streamers discovered the game. Up to 10 players take on the roles of space-faring workers, doing mundane tasks to keep things moving along. However, one or two of the players are assigned the role of Imposter, and it's up to them to kill the others. Meanwhile, they have to stay under cover and avoid suspicion, and everyone has to work together to point the finger at the right players.

It's a simple concept, but it's one that's proven to be hilarious with the right crowd. While the popularity has peaked already, it's exciting that those on PS5 and PS4 will get to join the fun soon. The game will be cross play with other platforms, and it'll even include some Ratchet & Clank cosmetic goodies to boot.

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