We Were Here is a series that quickly came into our lives, and we're very glad to have it. Whether it's Push Square co-workers refusing to play the first game together, or a video documenting our adventures with the threequel, we've had fun exploring what these titles have to offer. Now, it seems Total Mayhem Games is preparing for the next excursion: We Were Here Forever, the fourth game in the series, has just been announced.

Described as the biggest game in the series yet, We Were Here Forever is another two-player co-op adventure in which you'll explore a mysterious castle in the middle of the Antarctic. It's set to feature a more intriguing story and brand new puzzles you'll solve together via walkie talkies. Managing Director Lucia de Visser says this new entry is a "big step up", promising a "more immersive, darker, livelier Castle Rock" to explore.

This will also be the first We Were Here game developed for PlayStation 5 rather than PS4. Details on what this brings to the experience are slim, but it's described as a "next-gen experience from UI to gameplay". Presumably, that means we can expect integration with PS5's activity cards and use of the DualSense controller's feedback features.

There's no word on a release date yet, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Now, will anyone play it with us this time?