Obsidian may be sheltered under Microsoft’s umbrella these days, but The Outer Worlds continues to be supported on the PlayStation 4, with the title’s second major expansion Murder on Eridanos officially confirmed for a 17th March release. The plot will revolve around the murder of renowned actress Halcyon Helen, and you’ll be leading the investigation.

“You will have to interrogate witnesses, learn about potential alibis, and argue who you believe is responsible,” game director Megan Sparks explained on the PlayStation Blog. “This also leads to some entertaining outcomes as it is up to you to decide what to do. Do you falsely accuse an innocent spectator? Do you present a poor case with lack of evidence? How will others respond? What happens if you try to convince people that you somehow are responsible for the murder? Yes, even that is possible!”

As you progress through the story, you’ll obtain a new tool: the Discrepancy Amplifier. “This amazing device uses Science to reveal clues in your immediate surroundings. Not only does it expose details which will unlock new quest options, it also provides its own humorous analysis of those details. We know you will enjoy this marvellous scientific partner, and we cannot wait to see everyone’s reactions as they use it throughout the expansion.”

This is the last DLC pack planned for The Outer Worlds, and you can get it individually or alongside previous add-on Peril on Gorgon as part of the Expansion Pass. It’s always nice to see traditional, large-scale expansions like this release – they’ve become something of a rarity in recent years – and this sounds like it’s going to wrap up the game with some fun quests and interactions.

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