PS5 PlayStation 5 USA Hardware Sales 1

How well is the PlayStation 5 selling? Absurdly well in the United States, according to NPD data. We already know that, across its first four months on the market, it’s the fastest selling system of all-time in dollar terms – but what of units? Well, according to analyst Mat Piscatella, it’s lagging behind the PS4 – by less than one per cent.

“PS5 is a very close (less than one per cent) second in US hardware unit sales after four months in market in NPD tracked history,” he wrote on Twitter. “Statistical dead heat.”

This is obviously a hugely impressive result when you consider that the PS5 costs more – the PS5 Digital Edition matches the PS4’s price of $399.99, but the model including a disc drive retails for $499.99 – and has been heavily supply constrained during a pandemic. Obviously the PS4 was also difficult to find around launch, but it didn’t have coronavirus to contend with.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the PS5 performs once it’s more readily available and the world begins to return to normal. How do you feel about the new console’s sales trajectory? Is Sony onto another winner, or does it have some challenges to navigate this generation? Let us know in the comments section below.