Star Renegades has been available on other platforms for a good few months, but it's now making the leap to PlayStation 4. It's a rogue-lite RPG in which you lead a group of freedom fighters aiming to save the multiverse. With a lovely pixel art style and strategic, turn-based battles, it definitely has some retro vibes.

The game sells itself as being highly replayable; permadeath and procedurally generated maps, enemies, and missions mean every playthrough is different. It's nothing we haven't heard before, of course, but it looks as though Star Renegades gets it right. Each run has you exploring three planets before a final showdown on the mothership, and you'll have built up your party over that time with new moves and abilities.

It's been well received on other systems, so we're definitely interested in checking it out. Star Renegades lands on PS4 on 10th March for $24.99/€24.99. Will you be taking a look at this sci-fi RPG? Take turns in the comments section below.