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It’s been a week since LittleBigPlanet’s servers went offline, and there’s been no change in the Imagisphere since. has republished its previous report with a comment from the Japanese giant, which confirms that it’s working on a solution: “We are aware of server issues with LittleBigPlanet and are working to get the issue fixed and the servers back online,” a spokesperson said. “We will keep you updated on progress and appreciate the continued patience as we work to resolve the matter.”

Fans of the franchise believe that the server issues are the fault of a frustrated fan, who’s dissatisfied with Sony’s treatment of the series. Bizarrely, this user has a track record of targeting the franchise with DDOS attacks, and is also blamed by the series’ community for being taken offline. It’s a real strange situation – especially with Sackboy: A Big Adventure being one of the best games you can play on PlayStation 5 right now – but it sounds like the platform holder is committed to a fix, so hopefully everything is solved soon.