Signs of the Sojourner is a game that PlayStation fans may not be aware of, but it's a well-liked title that released last year on PC. It's an indie game that featured on a handful of Game of the Year wrap-ups, and has a Very Positive user score on Steam. Today, it's been announced the game will be making the journey to PlayStation 4 later this month.

So, what is it? Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative adventure game in which you'll have conversations with numerous characters using cards. You play cards that match up (or not) with the other character's cards, resulting in a wide range of potential dialogue branches and, of course, multiple endings. You play as a traveling merchant, looking for new goods for your recently inherited shop. As you wander across the map, you'll meet a diverse range of people, making connections and building your deck of cards along the way.

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, and it looks like a pretty relaxed time in the above trailer. For the console release, developer Echodog Games has incorporated an additional five characters to meet.

The game arrives on PS4 on 17th March 2021, so there's not long until we can check it out first hand. Are you looking forward to Signs of the Sojourner? Have a conversation in the comments section below.