Fans of the Max Payne series will most certainly want to keep their eye on this one. Severed Steel is a newly-announced PlayStation 4 game that's all about bullet time. Also seemingly taking inspiration from SUPERHOT, the first-person shooter focuses on parkour and taking down enemies in style, all while time passes by in slow motion. It's out on PS4 this summer, with PS5 players gaining access through backwards compatibility. We recommend checking out the reveal trailer above if either of the game's inspirations tickle your fancy.

Much of the environment will be destructible, and there are also opportunities to get about the arena through different transportation methods. The footage shows the protagonist speeding past an enemy on top of a hospital bed, so expect more of that in the final version. An Adrenaline mechanic in the top centre of the screen appears to somewhat govern your movements, but we're sure Greylock Studio will have more to share on that front as we approach release.

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