Koei Tecmo just hosted a livestream for upcoming hack and slasher Samurai Warriors 5, giving us our first proper look at extended gameplay footage. If you played Samurai Warriors 4, it'll look fairly familiar, but we definitely think that the new art style helps keep things fresh. Special attacks have simply never looked better, and the inclusion of skill moves (each set to a cooldown) should spice up the action.

Combat gameplay kicks in at around the 56 minute mark, as we get to see main character Nobunaga Oda take to the battlefield. A little later, at 1:04, there's a chunk of Ieyasu Tokugawa gameplay — another character who's received a total overhaul both in gameplay and design. Much like in Samurai Warriors 4, you'll be able to swap between two different characters in combat, in order to better control the battle.

How do you think Samurai Warriors 5 is shaping up? Hone your blade in the comments section below.