Cyberpunk 2077 Bed

Ever since Cyberpunk 2077 launched in December of last year, players have been making jokes about how main character V sleeps. For whatever reason (it's almost definitely to do with the developer not having time to polish the game before release), V used to take to their bed in a very awkward manner. They'd climb onto the mattress sideways, and end up placing their head nowhere near the pillow, resulting in a position that would clearly leave their lower body hanging off the edge of the bed. Basically, it looked really, really uncomfortable.

Here's V's awkward positioning in all of its glory (thanks Hemmy on YouTube):

But the days of V being a meme are finally over (at least in this one instance). Cyberpunk 2077's latest update, patch 1.2, changes V's bed-going animation to the point where it now looks semi-natural — as demonstrated by Twitter user @cyber_outlaw_vp below.

V's head even touches the pillow! Wowzer!

Okay, so it's still a bit off, but surely we can all agree that it's an improvement. One bug down, 10,000 to go.

Fortunately, V's bad sleeping habits aren't the only issue that the aforementioned 1.2 update attempts to fix. Based on our own testing, Cyberpunk 2077 supposedly runs better than ever on both PS5 and PS4 thanks to the patch. And we should bloody well hope so — it's only been close to four months since its release.