Those of you who have been itching to play Hitman 3 but haven't yet decided to splash the cash are in luck. Developer IO Interactive is offering a free starter pack on the PlayStation Store starting today through until Monday 5th April 2021 that will grant you access to the Dubai map alongside a few other locations. Available on both PS5 and PS4, UK and EU readers can start downloading the trial through here while US users can use this link. The trailer details what's in store.

First and foremost, anyone who downloads the Hitman 3 starter pack will gain access to the full game's first location: Dubai. The IO Interactive blog post on the topic makes it sounds like you'll be able to play the main mission associated with the map, but not any of its surrounding content — Escalations and Contracts, for example. Besides that, you'll also be granted access to the ICA Facility and the opening mission of Hitman 2, titled Nightcall. "Infiltrate a highly-secured luxury beach house in the dead of night and discover the secrets that lie within…" Any XP and unlocks gained within the free trial will carry over into the full Hitman 3 experience should you choose to buy it.

Back when we published our Hitman 3 PS5 review in January, we branded the final entry in the World of Assassination the "ultimate stealth sandbox". Praising its open sandboxes and limitless replay value, it's well worth checking out. And you don't even have to pay a penny to sample it. "The process of puzzling out each level, deconstructing it, and then executing the perfect Silent Assassin run is some of the most fun you can have on PS5 right now – don’t miss this victory lap from one of gaming’s best franchises."

Will you give Hitman 3 a shot via this free trial? Sneak about in plain sight in the comments below.