Lost Words: Beyond the Page will finally launch on PlayStation 4 next month following a period of timed exclusivity on Google Stadia. It hits Sony's last-gen platform on 6th April 2021, and PS5 players can get in on the action too through backwards compatibility. The trailer above will give you a taste of what to expect from this 2D puzzle-platformer.

In the game, players will interact with the words within Izzy’s diary to solve challenging puzzles and build unique platforming segments to progress through an evolving and aesthetically wondrous landscape. As players leap between the words on each page, they become useful stepping-stones and puzzle-solving methods to unlock each new chapter.

The game has won a variety of awards during its time on the market, including Best Indie Game at Game Connection Paris and Best Story from the US counterpart. It has also been recognised for its audio design and excellence in narrative. The Metacritic rating for the Google Stadia version currently sits at 78, so Lost Words: Beyond the Page has something going for it. "A simple, flawed yet beautiful adventure" is how Eurogamer summed the game up in its review.