Earlier this week, when Nacon announced its new range of “life simulation” games, we assumed they were just entering development. It turns out the first release, Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator, will launch on PlayStation 5 and PS4 from 26th August. To be fair, we could all do with a summer holiday, couldn’t we?

Unfortunately, you’ll be getting your hands far too dirty to relax, as you establish your resort. “As hotel manager, you will have to make the right decisions: locating your buildings in the best places, tastefully furnishing and decorating the rooms, [and] providing an attractive programme of activities,” the press release reads.

You’ll need to hire staff and manage your team, but you’ll also need to roll up your sleeves, as you’ll need to clean the rooms, prepare the meals, and even pick up your guests from the airport. “Your guests’ holiday is your job,” the blurb continues. “And as each guest is unique with unique requirements, it's up to you to provide a range of activities at your complex to keep them satisfied.”

Of course, if you need to take a break, then you’ll be able to enjoy your hotel as a guest for a day or two. Alternatively, there’s a Career mode that features a range of challenges. “In this mode you complete objectives that become increasingly difficult as you progress, to the point where even the most experienced hotel managers would struggle to achieve them.”

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