IO Interactive clearly has big plans for Hitman 3 as its post-launch support continues following two months of updates and content additions. The Danish studio has now announced a seven-part DLC campaign for the series' third entry, which tasks Agent 47 with resisting each of the seven deadly sins. The first piece will be available on 30th March 2021 and is themed around greed. You will have to pay to experience this new content, with the complete bundle priced at $30. Alternatively, you can buy each pack for $5, but obviously, it'll cost slightly more if you grab each one individually.

Next week's initial pack will take place in Dubai and feature "new gameplay opportunities, visually distinct contracts and unique sin-themed rewards". Rewards for completion include sin-themed suits and items. For example, the upcoming Greed chapter of the seven-part campaign will unlock the Rapacious Suit, Greedy Little Coin, and The Devil's Cane.

The developer also addressed the topic of free content, which has supported Hitman 3 since launch in combination with the offerings of the Deluxe Edition. Those new levels will continue to arrive, but as part of a Season of Sin. This is more of just a name change than anything else, with these seasons lasting between four and six weeks.

So, we've got paid, premium content for those who want it as well as free levels for owners of the base game. Do you like the look of this new seven-part campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below.