After talking for so long about Disco Elysium: The Final Cut coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4, it's now finally time to see it in action. The lucky lot over at PlayStation Access have gotten their mittens on the game well ahead of time, providing us with nine minutes of PS5 gameplay. The video works as a great introduction to the world of Disco Elysium, supplying first-time players with details concerning the plot, how it plays, and what sort of impact dice rolls have on the game.

Skill checks are also covered, and so too are dialogue trees and upgrade options. The new voice-work also shines, as every character is given brevity and life through additional work brought about by The Final Cut. This really does look like the role-playing adventure we've always wanted, and don't forget that it's just around the corner. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is out for both of Sony's consoles on 30th March 2021. What type of police detective will you play? Share your approach in the comments below.