How could you watch this new trailer for Chicory: A Colorful Tale and not come away smiling? This cutesy adventure game is all about using a magical paintbrush to solve puzzles and navigate a colourless world, and it looks lovely.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, director Greg Lobanov talks about making the game as accommodating as possible. You can paint and colour anything at any time, and will even be able to unlock decorative items you can place in the world. There's no real need to do this — it just allows players to be expressive.

Lobanov also talks about utilising the DualSense controller for the PS5 version. You'll be able to use the touch pad to paint, with adapted controls depending on which is your dominant hand. Haptic feedback is implemented too, and will apparently make the game feel "warm and cozy, like petting a cat".

PS5's Game Help feature gets some use as well, and you have options to skip more combative sequences if you just want a chill time. And, despite the game's colour-based theme, colourblind players should know there are no puzzles reliant on specific hues.

We're excited to play this one when it arrives in Spring 2021. Will you be playing Chicory: A Colorful Tale? Tell us in the comments section below.