PS5 Devkit PlayStation 5 1

There’s no question that the consumer version of the PlayStation 5 is a monster – a chunk of our pre-release chatter here at Push Square Towers focused on whether it would fit into our respective entertainment centres. Spare a thought for the studios around the world having to house multiple development kits, then – this thing is a monster.

You may recall, before the next-gen console was even announced, there were rumours regarding the development kit – and diagrams of it eventually leaked online. But now the system’s no longer a secret, you may be curious what it actually looks like in the flesh. Well, it’s an absolute juggernaut for starters, and nothing like the retail unit.

At the time, the V-shaped fan system on top of the system was a big point of conversation – many felt that the consumer console would adopt the same style of design. Of course, it’s worth remembering that development kits tend to have more horsepower than the final product, as they need to conduct additional tasks.

It’s also rare for development kits to resemble the final products, although the PS2 was an exception on that front. What do you think of the PS5’s development kit? Do you like the way it looks? Do you wish Sony would have adapted this design for the final retail version? Try not to overheat in the comments section below.

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