Prior to E3 2018, Ikumi Nakamura was probably a name most people didn't know. However, following her expressive presentation before revealing Ghostwire Tokyo, she quickly became a beloved industry figure. Not long after, she resigned from her post as creative director on the project. The question since that surprising turn has been, what's next?

After a period of traveling and visiting other teams, many thought she would end up in one of Sony's first-party studios. However, the above film, which chronicles Nakamura's career to date, reveals she's not joining any established developers. She has opened her own independent studio.

As it happens, she quit Tango Gameworks because she had been "ill for some time" while working on the game, and wanted to find a way to "make games while feeling better". Despite thousands of invitations to visit or join other teams, Nakamura instead is now creative director on a new game at her own studio.

So, what will this new title be like? She admits she's drawn to "horror or the grotesque", but that a key aim on this project is to "stop making games too seriously". The game will apparently be "full of dark jokes".

We honestly can't wait to learn more about the project. By the way, we fully recommend watching the above video; not only does it provide some insight on Nakamura's journey through the industry, it's just a really nicely shot film. What do you make of this news? Tell us in the comments section below.

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