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Sure, no month is going to go by without a couple of noteworthy games, but this February was very much on the lighter end. Where’s all the awesome new music, you might be asking. Well, there just wasn’t very much of it, really. February was... let’s just say it was thin. Not to say there was nothing at all, but don’t be surprised to see a meatier list for March.

Little Nightmares II

The first Little Nightmares title had a strong identity, and the music was a major facet of that. Exploring the haunting beauty of The Maw was heightened by the spooky, unnerving melodies of Tobias Lilja. This remains very much the case when it comes to Tarsier Studios’ solid sequel, a game that introduces gamers to a bevy of new environments, and perhaps even more alluring, some new melodic delicacies to feast upon.

Persona 5 Strikers

This second release should surprise no one. Persona titles are renowned for a great many reasons, and one of the biggest is the music. That of course applies with this latest Persona 5 title, Strikers. The Dynasty Warriors approach taken this time out delivers despite rather lofty expectations, and the music is no exception. Despite Persona’s regular composer Shoji Meguro not taking the reins for the spin-off title, the composition team of Atsushi Kitajoh (no stranger to Persona), Gota Masuoka (composer of Dynasty Warriors 9), and Ayana Hira are every bit up to the task.

So yes, a month rather hurting for music content, but at least there are still a couple of noteworthy releases worth perusing, right? Here’s to hoping for a busier March!