Dead Cells

Dead Cells is one of the very best roguelikes available on PlayStation 4, and the market appears to have recognised that. Developer Motion Twin has confirmed sales of the game have now surpassed five million across all platforms, with one-fifth of that impressive statistic sourced from the recent mobile port released in China. While smartphone devices are only just receiving The Bad Seed DLC, it's been available on PS4 for quite some time now. It's just one example of how the French studio has remained commit to updating Dead Cells since its initial 2018 launch.

Back then, we awarded the awesome roguelike a 9/10 rating in the Push Square review. After praising it profusely, we concluded: "A combination of astounding combat mechanics, an unfathomable amount of weapon variety, and a spectacular art style had us coming back for second helpings, while an array of enemies made sure we always had something new to dispose of. Dead Cells has delivered in every way imaginable, making it one of the PS4’s very best."

Since release, the title has been updated with two DLC packs, more weapons, and multiple patches to fix bugs and tweak things under the hood. Are you one of the five million players who have bought Dead Cells? Share your praise in the comments below.