It's kind of crazy how a single demo that isn't even available anymore continues to fuel a large portion of horror titles, but here we are nearly seven years later and developers seemingly can't get enough of it. We are talking about P.T., of course, which newly announced PlayStation 5 and PS4 game Evil Inside is very clearly inspired by. In fact, the corridor detailed in the trailer above looks incredibly similar to that famous hallway, right down to the balcony featuring a ghostly appearance. The game's out on 25th March 2021 for both consoles, so there's not long to wait until we find out if this is just a shameless rip-off or if it's actually doing something of its own.

At least the YouTube description gives us something to work with: "Evil Inside is a first-person psychological horror game. After the death of his mother and the arrest of his father for it, Mark decides to contact her using the Spiritual board. But it fades away, and here is when all begins... Mark will face his greatest fears to discover the truth." Poor old Mark. If you're itching to give the game a go right now, a free prologue can be downloaded via Steam through the link. Are you going to make Evil Inside your next purchase? Decide in the comments below.