Dreams has been available to all for just over a year now. Media Molecule's PlayStation 4 create-'em-up has had a great 12 months, and the game is stuffed with interesting, inspiring works made by players. To celebrate the milestone, Sony's just released this energetic trailer, showing off some of the title's achievements in year one.

It's a great reminder of all the wonderful stuff we've seen and played so far. Things like DreamsCom, All Hallows' Dreams, and the Impy Awards have been particular highlights, but the ongoing community jams and Media Molecule's livestreams are a constant joy. We're excited to see what the game brings in its second year.

We recently were able to celebrate not only Dreams' first birthday, but Media Molecule's 15th anniversary. In an interview with Siobhan Reddy, we discuss the studio's history — if you're a fan of the team's work, give it a look.

Have you enjoyed Dreams' first year? What are your favourite creations? Tell us in the comments section below.

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