PS5 Denuvo Anti Cheat PlayStation 5 1

Sony has bolstered its suite of middleware tools available to PlayStation 5 developers with the addition of Denuvo’s anti-cheat technology. As a press release explains, the software is designed to bring “fairness and fun back to gaming”. It cites a survey which concluded that 77 per cent of players “express being repelled from a game due to cheating occurring, creating a tremendous risk [to the] monetisation of games”.

The statement continues: “Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat incorporates advanced technology to secure both online gameplay as well as securely reward offline progress. The technology helps game developers protect sensitive game logic or data, preventing cheaters from changing sensitive variables and ensuring its trustworthiness. A number of games incorporated Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat at launch of PS5 to ensure best experience for the gamers.”

So it sounds like this is already being used by a number of titles, although there’s no confirmation of which. “Cheating ruins video games for honest players,” said boss Reinhard Blaukovitsch, who has one helluva name. “This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic, and shrinking revenues for game publishers. We are really proud be able to help the world’s most talented developers to bring rich experiences for gamers on PS5.”

All in all, this sounds like good news to us. While there have been concerns about Denuvo’s DRM technology on PC, this is all about ensuring a level playing field for multiplayer gamers, and as long as it works as intended, then this sounds like a win-win for both players and publishers to us.