Cooking Mama Cookstar PS4 PlayStation 4

Man, remember the whole Cooking Mama: Cookstar saga? If you don't, here's the short version. Last year, the latest instalment in the popular cookery series was announced and released on Nintendo Switch, but was quickly pulled from sale due to a dispute between the developer and publisher. It then came to light that the studio had been working on an unauthorised PlayStation 4 port. The whole situation just kind of faded away, and the game itself was available almost nowhere.

Fast forward to today, and Cookstar has appeared on the North American PS Store. As far as we can tell, it's been put out for sale with no announcement whatsoever. You can buy it right now for $39.99.

The game contains a wide range of recipes for players to cook via various mini-games, in single or multiplayer. Vegetarians can play the game in a mode that eliminates meat dishes, and there are modes for competitive or cooperative play.

It's a curious release considering the game's history, but assuming everything has been cleared up, you're probably safe to grab this if you want it. Weird.

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